TMOF & Specials


Release Projects:

ROOKIES OST - Kiseki by GreeeeN

Raw : dobbie
Song Translation : Meg-chan
QC : Xaphirezst, triplez, SacredCultivator
Everything else : zeldAIS

Current Projects:

Sky OST - Happy Day
Sky OST- Future

Japanese Projects

Chinese Projects

Welcome to TimelesSub online streaming media. For those who has trouble with downloading our original hardsubbed videos either by Direct Downloads or torrents at, you can now watch it via our streaming acct. We hope you viewers out there had enjoyed the videos that we had brought to you so far. Please continue to support TimelesSub by downloading the original subbed videos.

A reminder to all viewers out there, PLEASE DO NOT upload our releases to any online streaming sites other than our own regardless of whether credits are given or not. Our fansubbed work are free and not for sale or rent. Making money off of our projects in ANY way is prohibited. No posting of our links to too.

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