Release Projects:

ROOKIES OST - Kiseki by GreeeeN

Raw : dobbie
Song Translation : Meg-chan
QC : Xaphirezst, triplez, SacredCultivator
Everything else : zeldAIS

Current Projects:

Sky OST - Happy Day
Sky OST- Future


    On March 11, 2008 at 10:35 AM Anonymous said...

    hi.. i know its alot to ask but could you please sub n pinying the mv for bull fighting ending song thanks really love the drama and the song thank for your work of subbing them really thankful to you all. thank you

    Hi! I found your subbed Kiseki video on videouncovered and I want to ask if it's okey if I translate the text from your video to hungarian. I have the lyrics but when the family speak I can't understand. Of course I will credit TimelesSub.

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