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Dear Viewers,

I will not be updating this blog anymore. For latest updates such as projects and releases, please refer to our forum instead. As for streaming links for our releases, I'm still looking around for a good site. I will post an announcement once I find such site.

Kiseki PV by GreeeeN

SkewedS & TimeLesSub are proud to present...

Kiseki PV by GreeeN
[ROOKIES Theme Song]

Click here to watch

Thanks for all the patients and support. Enjoy!

Binbo Danshi releases on hold~

Dear Readers,

After a discussion with our project leaders, I announce that TimeLesSub has decided to put on hold all the releases for the remaining episodes for Binbo Danshi. We apologize for having to make this harsh decision but we are slowly losing patience with those ungrateful leechers. If they were patient and at least more polite, we wouldn't mind. But they kept on demanding releases on a regular basis that, I am afraid is out of our control. Such comments are very disheartening for my fellow staff, and get them frustrated to the point of quitting fansubbing altogether. Not forgetting to mention, TLS did lost some of its staff on this project due to the demanding real life stress and subbing stress.
If you people really want to help us to speed up the progress, please give us a hand in translation if you are proficient in Japanese (since all the fansubbing groups including our, are always short of translators), or help us find one.

It is true that we do have hiccups in our progress, but we are trying our best to get it done as soon as we can.
Again, like I've said before, things don't always work out the way you want them to be. If any of our staff decided to bail out due to the circumstances in their real life (because real life do comes first, before fansubbing), we can't stop them, and the project gets stalled until we find a replacement. We still continue on and will finish off what we have started and will release ALL episodes.

Fyi. We will only release the remaining episodes after making sure, that we have made things clear, that fansubbing takes a lot of efforts, time consuming, and that nagging leechers only make things worse. Since this is the final decision of our team, so please respect it, be understanding, and most importantly, learn how to be patient.

Streaming Site Temporary unavailable

Dear Readers,

We are sorry to inform that all of our vids which we uploaded at viddler has been removed. It was odd tho as we did not even receive a warning email about this matter. It just suddenly got removed all of a sudden. *Shrugs*.. Anyway, not to worry cos we will look for other alternative. Please bear with us for the time being. We apologize again for this matter.

Bull Fighting Episode 9 Released!

TimeLesSub is Proud to Present...

Bull Fighting Episode 9

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Stay tuned for our next release! Enjoy!

Binbo Danshi Episode 3 Released!

TimeLesSub is proud to present...

Binbo Danshi Episode 3

Click Here to Watch

Stay tuned for our next release! Enjoy!~

Binbo Danshi Episode 2 Released!

TimeLesSub is proud to present...

Binbo Danshi Episode 2

Click Here to Watch

Thanks for all the patients and support. Enjoy!

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