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TimeLesSub is looking for some more translators. All are welcome. We especially need more Japanese and Canto translators. Anyone who's interested, either leave a comment here or head on over to our forum here and post the completed form below.

Position applied:
Experience (If yes, state your experience):
Language Proficiency:
Reason for applying as TLS 's staff:


    Please do sign up. We are in desperate need of cantonese translators for ultimate crime fighter and japanese translators too!

    I would like to sign up, but the thing is that my Cantonese is not entirely fluent. I understand a normal drama, but sometimes I also tend to go, what? I don't know Japanese so I can't help you with that. But if, you don't mind my broken Cantonese I would like to sign up and help wherever I can.

    Username: Mack91
    Position applied: Cantonese translator or wherever needed
    Experience (If yes, state your experience): None. I have only translated texts in other languages.
    Language Proficiency: Understands basics, can understand a normal drama, but may need help in certain areas.
    Reason for applying as TLS 's staff: For helping out with spreading the dramas. Helping people learn or improve their language skills and give others the opportunity to enjoy the dramas as much as I do.

    that would be great if you could help us out. don't worry about not being able to translate everything. was have people who can help guide you and spot translators to fill in the harder phrases. Please make an account at our forum ( [there's also a link to it in the original message] and make a post in the staff application thread so one of the admins can promote you up to probation staff. from there, they should send you some pms of what to do next. hope to see you around the forum boards!

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