Binbo Danshi releases on hold~

Dear Readers,

After a discussion with our project leaders, I announce that TimeLesSub has decided to put on hold all the releases for the remaining episodes for Binbo Danshi. We apologize for having to make this harsh decision but we are slowly losing patience with those ungrateful leechers. If they were patient and at least more polite, we wouldn't mind. But they kept on demanding releases on a regular basis that, I am afraid is out of our control. Such comments are very disheartening for my fellow staff, and get them frustrated to the point of quitting fansubbing altogether. Not forgetting to mention, TLS did lost some of its staff on this project due to the demanding real life stress and subbing stress.
If you people really want to help us to speed up the progress, please give us a hand in translation if you are proficient in Japanese (since all the fansubbing groups including our, are always short of translators), or help us find one.

It is true that we do have hiccups in our progress, but we are trying our best to get it done as soon as we can.
Again, like I've said before, things don't always work out the way you want them to be. If any of our staff decided to bail out due to the circumstances in their real life (because real life do comes first, before fansubbing), we can't stop them, and the project gets stalled until we find a replacement. We still continue on and will finish off what we have started and will release ALL episodes.

Fyi. We will only release the remaining episodes after making sure, that we have made things clear, that fansubbing takes a lot of efforts, time consuming, and that nagging leechers only make things worse. Since this is the final decision of our team, so please respect it, be understanding, and most importantly, learn how to be patient.


    I completely support you on your decision. It would be wonderful to see the rest of the series and I look forward to you picking it back up.
    Until then I will wait patiently. I fully understand, like most, that subbing takes a lot of effort and for that I am grateful.
    If my Japanese were better I would offer to help but alas I'm only good as a tourist at this time.
    Ganbatte Minna-san.

    On May 27, 2008 at 10:02 AM Anonymous said...

    I'm sorry that people have been impatient. I think that you guys are doing a wonderful job and am immensly gratefull to evryone who fansubs. I hope that you guys keep doing the projects you're on now and that you don't find it all too stressful.

    Gabatte ne.

    On May 28, 2008 at 1:06 AM Anonymous said...

    Hi ! Just to let you know that I'm grateful for your work ! I completely understand your decision and I would be annoyed too !
    It's just a suggestion but maybe in order to avoid these "ungrateful leechers" who keep on asking repetitively when you are releasing projects, you should keep them informed on the status of your projects like With S2 fnasubs (
    Thanks again for your work !

    On May 28, 2008 at 1:08 AM Anonymous said...

    Hi ! Just to let you know that I'm grateful for your work ! I completely understand your decision and I would be annoyed too !
    It's just a suggestion but maybe in order to avoid these "ungrateful leechers" who keep on asking repetitively when you are releasing projects, you should keep them informed on the status of your projects like With S2 fnasubs (
    Thanks again for your work !

    On May 30, 2008 at 6:01 AM Anonymous said...

    it is so sad to hear this but of coruse its the right dicision.

    I just wanna Thank you for this project and hope things will go easy and find the time to continue this project.

    Thank you.

    On May 30, 2008 at 6:05 AM Anonymous said...

    That's sad, but I totally see your point.

    So unfortunate and I really understand why you guys have to do that. Have to put your foot down at some point right? Well I can't wait til you guys start putting them out again and it would be nice if people would stop being so selfish and rude. But I do agree with what polpopel suggested about like a status report or something like that that way its like "Here it is, you know when its coming, so shut up and dont bug us lol" But I can't wait til you guys start again I am going through my oguri shun withdrawls already lol. ^_-

    On May 31, 2008 at 2:39 AM Anonymous said...

    It's so sad to hear this news but, like most, I understand your point of view. I've always thought that subbing is an hard work and takes a great effort for those who work on it, so I'm really thankful for all your works.
    I will wait patiently for you to keep up again your projects.
    I'm sorry I can't help you with Japanese, but I'll give you all my support. Ganbatte!

    p.s.: why don't you make an information status of your projects in your wiki page?

    On May 31, 2008 at 3:40 AM Anonymous said...

    It's sad how some ungrateful leechers can cause so much trouble. I understand and support your decision 100%. I would offer to help translating, but I'm one of those that rely on fansubs to understand what is being said, though I hope to learn someday. So, I'm really grateful for those who do fansubs, otherwise I wouldn't be able to watch these wonderful shows, and you guys do such a wonderful job at it. I prefer quality over quantity. *nods sagely* I'll look forward to when you do start releasing Binbo Danshi again, and of course I'll look forward to all of your other releases. Thank you very much for doing what you guys do!

    On May 31, 2008 at 4:01 PM Anonymous said...

    I definitely hate those who only knows how to complain for releases to come out quick, and then when it does all they do is leech. It's understandable so no worries.

    BTW, I know this is probably not in my position to say..but I just wanted to mention a small detail if it's alright ^^;. Your "TimeLesSub" watermark (I saw this on RH Plus) is really nice and everything, but it does get kind of distracting to watch the actual vid because I keep getting distracted by that little yellow mark at the corner, as if something's stuck there and I can't get rid of it. LOL sorry~ just maybe a tip to maybe..lighten the watermark a bit or (like SARS, LOVE SONG, & KIOKU) do a transparent watermark?
    It's probably like this for some other drama watchers, too? ^^; Just a suggestion but it's your fansub group so you can do whatever. Take care.

    Thanks to all for the comments n support. One of the reason why we dun post our progress is becos as u know we are a slow subbing group n posting of our progress would definitely invite more leechers to nag us. we work on our own pace but dun get us wrong.. tho we work on our own pace, dat doesn;t mean we are taking advantage of the situation. we will do our best to complete any of the projects we started just tat a bit slower.

    @ur-eternity.. thx for ur suggestions but our logo comprise of image unlike SARS wic only has words but I'll keep in mind to inform my encoder to at least lighten it a bit in future..

    thx again to all for ur suggestions n comments.

    Totally understand your reasons for doing this. Nice to see that you're being proactive too, and not just throwing in the towel like many other fansub groups have in the past.

    I have no problem with the long waits, since your subtitles are really high quality. It's really easy to just watch another drama in between releases. You have to remember the people complaining are just the vocal minority. The majority of people (myself included) really appreciate the hard work you put in when doing these fansubs for free.

    Looking forward to more Mop Girl!

    On June 9, 2008 at 7:05 AM Anonymous said...

    You have a lot of projects, of course it's hard to do such an amount of work. Don't worry about the impatient people, they just don't want to understand. So, please, take care and have a good rest from time to time. :)

    I wanted to add my support for the fansubbers.

    I have greatly enjoyed the first 4 episodes and look forward to some day being able to enjoy the rest.

    Like others have said, unfortunately my Japanese isn't nearly good enough to help with the translation... hence the reason we're all anxiously waiting for the subbed versions to begin with. ;)

    Good luck and thank you very much for the hard work you've done so far!


    Eps 5, 6 and 7 out!

    Every fansub group I visit lately has to deal with ungrateful leechers, I don't understand them. They get so much, for free, things they otherwise could never lay their eyes on, they only have to click and download.

    I fully support your decisions, you all do a damn fine job with giving us your time and hard work. I wished I could be of any help, but sorry I am no good at the wonderful things you do.

    Arigatou, thank you.

    I just saw your most recent Binbo Danshi upload (eps 5 to 7). Thanks a million for this! I'm so happy that you found time to finish these episode but like I said before, we'll wait as long as it takes. Real life is far more important than subs ... take your time. Your work is very much appreciated. Thanks again.

    I fully understand your disappointment state about the leechers. But, there where leechers eversince and there allways will be leechers. I'm very sure most of the people incl. me is respecting the work and time you put into your projects because its usually your freetime which you could spend in many other ways. But please remember why you do it. Because it brings you fun and makes a lot of people happy! So, if there are 100 ppl that you make happy with your work, there is for sure 1 leecher included. Don't let this 1 leecher destroy the fun you have and the happiness you give the other 99 ppl. If anyone would act like this our world would be already destroyed, because if all good minded ppl would stop their good work because of a few bad ones, the bad ones simply won the game. So, keep up your spirit and simply ignore the bad ones! Ignoration is the only weapon beside the good intend we have. Gambatte onegaishimasu!

    to te mo zan nen desu. But I totally understand and sympathize. Like many others, I would want to help if only my Japanese is proficient enough.

    Some people are just clueless about your effort in fansubbing (otsukare) or just plain jerks. Don't mind. Gan ba te ne.

    I really love this drama, and your subbing makes it even better. I can tell a lot of love went into this project just because of the enthusiastic subs :)
    So I can completely understand you putting this on hold because of ungrateful people. They need to have more respect for the effort involved. I'll wait patiently for you to finish this project, I'm sure it'll be great!

    Hi there everyone,

    I'm happy to say tht finally TLS have manage to complete Binbo Danshi project. Both for SS and HS. Working on this project has been a pleasure and a nightmare at the same time but I'm really glad tht the team finally can pull through it. I would like to thnx all of TLS supporter for lifting our team spirit with all the encouragement notes and I also like to personally apologize coz we took too long to complete this. Please continue in supporting TLS in the future.

    TLS current project which I'm leading is Yutaka's Tomorrow. Hope tht you guys can enjoy it. (^_^) v

    Why apologize for a great volunteer job?
    どうもありがとうございました! ^_^

    I totally support your decision as I don't agree with people posting on streaming sites either. Thank you for posting the complete batch to d-addicts, but I already downloaded the first 7 episodes as you were putting them out. Is there a way to get 8 and 9 without having to re-download everything else? That would be very helpful...Thank you again!


    When you load the torrent in your torrent client, there will be an option in which files you want to download, unchecked the ones tht you already have.

    On July 29, 2008 at 7:19 PM Anonymous said...

    I appreciate all that you guys do, I wish that I could help in some way, but all I know is English :( I think you guys are awesome!

    I haven't been following this blog, but I just want to say thanks for the nice work you've done. I've just run into Samurai High School and completely appreciate the translation!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I just want to say thanks for your translation. I've just run into Samurai High School and greatly appreciate the subtitle. I'm also amazed that at some point a translator's note admits his/her previous mistake on 'onore.' I think you're really committed to your work. Keep it up!

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