Bull Fighting Episode 9 Released!

TimeLesSub is Proud to Present...

Bull Fighting Episode 9

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Stay tuned for our next release! Enjoy!


    thank you for another great episode =^____^=

    may i ask when will episode 11 be released? ^_^

    @shari.. we are still doin our best to get it done.. sori for the very long delay.. please bear with us for the time being..

    Thank you for your continued hard work! I once was asked to fansub gokusen for AonE back in the day (the d0rama ofcourse, I did actually help on the anime ;) ) and steered away from it seeing the sheer size of the translation script I think you guys are doing a great job so hats off! And don't let anyone else tell you different. Me and the missus very much enjoy your releases :)

    On July 22, 2008 at 4:06 AM Anonymous said...

    i know you guys already released BF ep10 but i couldn't find your most recent blog on it so i'll just say it here. thank you for subbing and ul BF. you don't know how thankful i am for being able to watch (and drool over) the beautiful Mike He and at the same time understand what he's saying. so yea thank you for allowing me a chance to fangirl Mike He.

    i can't wait for the future releases.

    oh and you guys are damn good subbers...damn good.

    Hi! May I ask when you are going to release Episode 11?:)

    btw, how many episodes does Bull Fighting have?:)

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